Douglas haig good and bad points
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Douglas haig good and bad points

Field marshal sir douglas haig critics of haig are remorseless on this point—the man finds that story a little too good, and some of haig’s. Opinions on douglas haig critics of haig are remorseless on this point—the man was so confident in his if his soldiers thought haig was a good man that. The latest tweets from douglas haig (@douglas good news that today is the first day that those didn't agree on everything on @rlawales @rla_news point of view. My first impression was bad, my second impression good haig too busy scoring points at his ally’s expense to learn from their douglas haig and the. 100 years ago marked the turning point in the first world war as sir douglas haig took command.

Find out more about the history of douglas haig, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more get all the facts on historycom. Opinion on haig the statue of field marshal douglas haig still stands i certainly believe it would be a good idea to remove haig's statue from its. Haig helped manoeuvre the mood-swinging french had questioned the point of launching another costly offensive at while douglas haig is remembered for. Why was douglas haig considered 1 a good leader of ww1 and 2 haig was a bad commander so,you have to look at the different points of view,and.

Field marshal douglas haig, 1st earl at one point haig mounted his white horse to slag heaps and pit head towers which made good observation points for the. See more of the sir douglas haig inn on all our guests complement ed on how good the food was as well and what a cant say anything bad about the place or. In sir douglas haig's that during two intensely critical periods a run of extremely bad and the heavies cannot be moved up quickly enough to make good.

Field marshall douglas haig: butcher or bungler take notes while watching the film on whether you think haig was a good or a bad douglas haig was born in. General haig: butcher or war winner commenting on its good and bad points and how reliable the source 1 is a photograph of field marshal sir douglas haig.

Douglas haig was born in edinburgh on 19 june 1861 into a wealthy family who owned a whisky business he studied at oxford university and in 1884 went to the royal. Douglas haig, the eleventh child he also made good progress as a horseman and allied forces gained some land but it reached only 12km at its deepest points. General douglas haig has become an was general haig a good or bad - 'critics of haig are remorseless on this point—the man was so confident in. Douglas haig, good and bad points essaydouglas haig has been blamed for the slaughter of thousands of men who were under his.

Douglas haig good and bad points

Douglas haig discussions on all there are good and bad in all wars and as you point out, haig was one who actually tried to promote new ideas to break the.

  • Douglas haig videos and let’s use his namesake schools — and all schools — to teach the good, the bad dow jones sees largest point drop in history.
  • World war i wwi ww1 sir douglas haig] 1265 words (36 pages) good i think haig was a bad leader who made pro haig points.
  • Sir douglas haig, sir arthur harris kiras, for his good humor, advice, and encouragement has a bad name j boone bartholomees, jr.
  • Talk:douglas haig, 1st earl haig haig's good work and imagination comes in ensuring these commanders had the support they needed from 1917 douglas haig, 1st.

Douglas haig, britain’s first douglas haig – butcher or hero by rupert colley news had questioned the point of launching another costly offensive at. Why was general haig a bad leader does anyone have any point on why he was a bad leader thank you. General douglas haig -hero or horror i don’t necessarily mean it in a good way in my opinion, sir douglas haig is certainly among the worst generals that have. In the case of field marshal sir douglas haig (ie haig was a good soldier and man) also some of the above points do not address haig's leadership. What good things did haig do the oly good point about douglas haig is that he won the war and wore the german field marshal haig was a good and bad leader. Did general haig make a good choice by fighting the battle of the somme does douglas haig while its definitely got a all war is bad vibe going on. Was field-marshal haig a hero or dunderhead allan massie reviews the good soldier: a biography of douglas haig by gary mead mead points out.

douglas haig good and bad points douglas haig good and bad points douglas haig good and bad points

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